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Always Carry Me With You

Hervé Éparvier

This is a love letter from father to daughter, written to delight and comfort.The father wishes he were a humble pebble,always in her pocket.

He tells her . . .
“A stone can be beautiful.”
“A stone can live forever.”
“A stone can be used to skim over water, leaving round ripples on the surface.”
“A stone can come from your backyard, or from as far as outer space!”
“A stone can be BIG like a mountain, or small like a pebble.”

Through his imagination, he shows her the beauty and magic to be found in such a seemingly ordinary, humble object. But above all, he tells her he dreams of being a little stone pebble – all smooth, and round, and soft, sitting snugly at the bottom of her pocket.

A little pebble she can hold
so tightly in her hand, to keep her company, to give her comfort, to make her feel brave and safe.

A little pebble she can carry with her – like a lucky charm, and a symbol of his love, which will always be with her.

This book is a perfect parent-child read, a winning Father's Day gift, and a soothing tale for children and families navigating big feelings and events in their children's lives, such as starting school, building confidence and working through separation anxiety.


Same Sex Parents


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