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7 picture books to improve the LGBT+ inclusivity of your book corner

Updated: Jan 23

This wonderful book of a child baking with their dad has real personal importance to me. After adopting my son, he picked it out of the library by himself and it's remained one of his favourite books ever since.

Telling the story of baking a birthday cake, the story ends with you finding out that the cake is being baked for another man. Is it their other dad? We never find out. But that's not the point. The point is that maybe this child has two dads but that this doesn't change the story at all.

'And Tango Makes Three' is the heartwarming true story of two male penguins who try to have a baby in New York's Central Park Zoo and eventually 'adopt' a baby chick, Tango.

This book is a wonderful way of discussing the diversity of families and how love doesn't always come in the form of 2.4 children families.

Written by the author of the wonderful 'Glitter Boy', this reimagining of the story of The Snow Queen, follows Cai on his journey to defeat the curse and rescue the Snow Prince from the ice palace.

This is such a magical story, and the beautiful pictures would work well as a story time book, or even as a stimulus for writing and the creative arts in a winter or similar topic.

I'm getting married soon (if I get my act together & arrange it), so I've been looking for books to read with my son about weddings. So many books out there all positive, but this doesn't always give a true picture of the mixed feelings many children have about relatives getting married.

Uncle Bobby's wedding is a wonderful story about Chloe who is upset about her uncle getting married. Her journey provides wonderful discussion points in class and help children understand that Chloe isn't losing an uncle, she's gaining a new one.

Pop 'N' Olly have created a lovely reimagining of Goldilocks and the Three Bears where Goldilocks delivers letters and meets families of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Ideal for Foundation Stage/Phase, this story provides a new take on a familiar story where pupils will learn that every family is unique.

With beautiful imagery and an enchanting story, Julian at the Wedding tells the story of Julian and Marisol getting up to all kinds of mischief at a wedding and learning about acceptance, friendship and celebration, all with a touch of laughter and magic.

In this heartwarming and award winning story, this vibrant and inspiring book tells the story of Milly who realises that something is missing from her Grandad's life and so she rallies the community around her to create a local pride. With messages of inclusivity and celebration, this book will work as an excellent introduction to pride events and inclusion.



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