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Who Let the Gods Out?

Maz Evans

Elliot has so far succeeded in keeping his mum’s illness a secret but now the money is running out and things are getting desperate.

When a young Zodiac goddess, Virgo, lands in his back garden, Elliot thinks he might see a way to resolve some of his difficulties but, instead, the pair manage to accidentally release Thanatos - the immortal death-daemon - from centuries of imprisonment.

With a wicked megalomaniac on the loose, Elliot and Virgo are out of their depth so must call on the help of Zeus and other long-retired gods to recapture the fugitive. But can they get to Thanatos before he gets to take over the world?

Funny, witty, inspired and utterly contemporary, this fantasy thriller/adventure is a magical blend of ancient and modern, with brilliant characterisation and a truly human story at its heart.


Young Carers


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