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Season 2 of Staffroom Soapbox is almost here and we are looking for guests!


Join us to get on your Soap Box about what really matters to you,

in the time it takes to take a break.

Whether you want to convince people to use a new resource, study a new topic or think about education in a different way, click on the link below and reserve your recording slot. 

Staffroom Soapbox (14).png

Listen to Staffroom Soapbox

In the time it takes to have a break and make a coffee, Ian Timbrell interviews people from the world of education who are getting on their soapbox to talk about what is important to them.

From the challenges in rural schools, to leadership styles, to LGBT+ History Month, there's something for everyone. Released every Thursday.

How Can I Talk to My Child About Their Sexuality?

Ian Timbrell joins Clare to discuss how to support LGBT+ pupils who are questioning their sexuality. Ian explains the importance of language and the constantly changing terminology around gender and sexuality.

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LGBTQIA+ with Ian Timbrell and Tiny Voice Talks

In this episode, Toria talks to Ian Timbrell a Deputy Head Teacher from South Wales, who is passionate about promoting equality and equity in our schools. Ian explains the meaning of the terms in LGBTQIA+ and explores how we can learn from the mistakes of the past, to improve the lives of our students.

Teaching Grammar with Ian Timbrell and Impact Wales

In this episode Fin and Jane are joined by Ian Timbrell, deputy headteacher at Cwmbach Community Primary School in Aberdare and self-confessed “grammar geek”. 

They discuss what the research says about the importance of grammar as well as his own school’s ‘grammar journey’. 

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