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More Than Flags and Rainbows

Acknowledging months such as LGBT+ History Month can be a great start, but a truly inclusive curriculum starts from the beginning: in the culture, ethos and planning. This is where we come in. 

In the final step of our More Than Flags and Rainbows programme, staff confidence will be developed so that we can have open conversations about age-appropriateness, challenges that children and young people are facing, and opportunities to make the curriculum more inclusive. 

This training will cover:

  • Developing an age and stage appropriate LGBTQ+ curriculum

  • How to identify and include high quality role models

  • Quality texts across the curriculum

  • Next steps in continuing to develop an inclusive curriculum.

We aim for all staff to be more confident in how to create an inclusive curriculum  and look forward to working with you on this. 

Contact us below to find out more. 

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