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Daisy's Dragons: a story about feelings

Frances Stickley


Nobody but Daisy can see her dragons. Usually, they all get along in their own wonderful chaotic way, but Daisy's dragons aren't like ordinary dragons; Daisy's dragons are her feelings.

So when Daisy has a very tricky day, suddenly all is not harmonious among the dragons. Sad keeps growing and growing, Angry is breathing fire at everyone and everything he sees, while Scared's screaming is driving everybody to distraction. Now some of Daisy's dragons feel bad. And Daisy doesn't want bad dragons.

But Daisy soon discovers that without Angry, Sad and Scared, her other dragons are nowhere to be seen either. Could it be that to feel truly happy, calm and brave, Daisy needs all of her dragons together?

Daisy's Dragons is a mindful metaphor that helps children understand the importance of all their emotions - even the negative ones. It addresses the necessity of difficult feelings and celebrates their capacity for self-preservation, self-esteem and reflection. After all, you can't be brave if you're not frightened first.


Mental Health


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